Friday, July 25, 2014

Summer Recap - Week 7

Week 7 was FUN and busy!  Actually, only one day were we really busy - but that was a good busy!

We finally drew a stick out of our summer bucket list jar and the task was to eat breakfast at a donut shop.  I took the girls the morning of our swim playdate.

Our playdate was at a friend's neighborhood pool and the girls had a blast!  Several of Mackenzie's school were also there, so she really enjoyed playing and swimming with them.  The group ordered pizza and had a good time visiting with each other!

Meredith LOVES "diving" for rings!
I had to hand Miranda off to another mom while I took this video and as usual she cried the entire time.  The mom of 5 was surprised that even jingling keys didn't work for her!  However, me holding her again instantly made her stop crying.  Surprise, surprise. :/

After we got home and the little ones were napping, Mackenzie and I completed another bucket list stick - playing board games!  She beat me 3 out of 4 games!
We also worked on a word building "game".  She's not really ready for this kind of thing, but she enjoyed finding the letters and having me help her spell them.
Meredith also wanted to join in, except all she ever wants to do is put the cherries in their holes, not actually play.
Miranda finally ventured out of the area I put her down in.  Of course, now she tries to follow us where ever we are, but on that day it was a new thing.  A couple of days ago she actually crawled under the table and through the chairs to get to the playroom rather than around.

We had some friends over to play on our playset one morning.
It was super hot!!!
Thankfully Miss Teresa knows how to calm us down and cool us off - with a "bear hunt"! ;)

Later that night (the night before the fourth of July), we went to Bass Pro Shop to get some fishing supplies.  The girls enjoyed looking at the big fish tank.

As I posted earlier, we spent the fourth of July at Granny and Papa's.  These pictures were on my phone, so I forgot to add them in that post.  The girls love all of Granny's snacks and treats...
Another great week!  I'm going to miss these girls when school starts next month!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bubble time!

Finally, both big girls like bubble baths at the same time! ;)  They don't always get bubble baths, but they have fun when we do have them!  Bubble beards are a favorite! ;)

I think Meredith thought she was making a beard and ended up with a speck of bubbles!

The making of the beards!

Washing their toys - too funny!

And Miranda just hangs out!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer Recap - Week 6 (aka VBS)

I'm getting behind on my recaps!  I cannot believe there is only one month left of summer!  Our lazy days are just about over. :(

Mackenzie had been looking forward to week 6 all summer because week summer included our church's Vacation Bible School.  I had been working on the decorations for a couple of weeks prior to this, so she was pretty excited.  The theme was "The Life of Joseph" and my friend suggested an architectural theme to go with it, so we had a lot of fun creating the posters/banners.  We went old school and printed the designs on regular paper and then used an opaque projector to trace onto the large paper.  I enjoyed creating them on the computer (reminded me of grad school) and also coloring them by hand.  It was fun to do both and released some creative energy I had built up. 

This is the first board you saw in the Lobby...

This was the original image on the computer...

This is one of my favorites...
This is the computer version...
I really like how the paper one turned out.  Mackenzie was so happy to color the pink girls and help with the decorations. ;)

We had great plans for Pharaoh's dreams, but we made it a little too big, so we had to split it up.  Here's the digital image...
And here it is installed...

Joseph's dreams were a bit last minute and so we truly went "old school" and pieced printed images together while tracing onto the larger sheet.

Another favorite was an image I found online.  Originally it was going to be on the blue paper, but we changed it up and made it look like a work in progress and added my prisma colors for display and added affect.

Once VBS started, the girls were ready!  Well, almost - since Meredith didn't want to go to class the first night.  She stayed with me in the nursery since I had volunteered to be there (Mackenzie did the same thing her first year).  I've been in the nursery the last three years because I always have a child in there! ;)

The second night I stayed with Meredith through the songs and then she went to class/snacks/puppets with her class.

By the third night, she was a pro and didn't need me to stay with her!

I'm sure we did other stuff during this week of summer, but all I have written down or pictures of is VBS!  It was definitely the high light of the week!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Reading Rut

I do this just about every year - read several books in the first two or three months of the year and then NONE for the next three!  This year is no exception.  I read 8 books from January to April and haven't read anything since then!

I was trying to figure out why I haven't read anything else and I'm not really sure why.  It's not for a lack of books on my nook, kindle or ibooks apps.  I have a ton of books on those ipads.  Not to mention all of the actual hardcopy books I have here at the house.  I enjoyed the books I read, but I think sleep ruled out over reading at night and since Miranda still isn't sleeping through the night, sleep is very important!  And probably if I'm really honest - games on my ipad are easier to do before bed and don't require as much concentration.

I finally checked out some books a couple of  weeks ago at the library to see if that would boost my reading interest.  Having a deadline to return the books keeps me from ignoring them and I have actually read several times this past week, so I guess its working.  I've read one of the three I borrowed and have 4 weeks (with renewal next week) to read the other two.

I shall be near to you is about a woman who enlists in the Union Army to be with her husband during the civil war.  Finished it this morning - good book.
The other two books are books 2 & 3 in the Parasol Protectorate series.  These are books that I never thought I'd read (vampires, werewolves and alternate worlds), but they are quick reads and pretty entertaining.

My goal is to read another 25 books this year, so after I finish the 3 library books I will have 14 left for the year.  Maybe if I make a list, then that might be easier than trying to figure out what to read late and night and choosing to play on the iPad instead.  Here it goes - my list for the remainder of the year...

I guess I better get reading!  Oh wait, I have 3 girls to take care of  - maybe tonight I can read! ;)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Summer Recap - Week 5

I love doing these summer recaps.  It's perfect for all of the miscellany we do that don't need an entire blog post.  I think I need to do it this way every summer!  Week 5 was the middle of June and summer was in full swing.  Our church playgroup meets every Tuesday and during this week we went to a friend's house to play.  Just like at our house there were somewhere around 15-20 kids, ages 10 months to 9 years.  At one point, Meredith called for me and when I went to see what she needed, she looked down at the baby near her and then back up at me.  When I asked her again what she needed she just pointed to the baby as if to say, "move her out of the way."  No words (and she can talk a lot), just eye movements! ;)  Miranda still hasn't been real active and getting in her way, so it should be interesting in the next few weeks as Miranda moves from room to room to get what she wants!

One of the days was National Eat your Veggies day, so my girls obliged!  Thankfully, they didn't ask why I didn't eat a vegetable!  I'm better about my vegetables, but really only if it's a salad and we didn't have any that day, so none for me thank you very much. ;)
We love to read books, but had not taken the time to read our board books lately, so one morning I decided we would read ALL of our board books.  We didn't make our goal, but we did read 33 books in 1 1/2 hours on the first day!
And then 58 books in 1 1/2 hours on the second day!
We still have the top shelf to read, but we'll get to it soon.  Brandon asked if Meredith paid attention the entire 1 1/2 hours and for the most part she did.  Both times we read in the morning during Miranda's nap and since board books are small and short, reading lots of them works for a 2 year old's attention span.  I will say that Meredith loves to look at books, though and I think she might have a longer attention span than some kids her age.  A lot of times when we would finish a book, she would ask to hold it so she could read it again and look at the pages more closely.  She would then most likely miss the next book, so she didn't technically look at all 33/58 books, but she heard all of them!  It wasn't on our bucket list for the summer, but I think I'll add it for next year because it's been fun to do and it doesn't require TV or ipads! ;)

We try to go swimming once a week and this week was no exception!
After swimming I had to work on VBS decorations so I set up a roll of paper and markers for the girls to color.  At one point they were "playing VBS" and pretending they were mommas working on VBS decorations!  We all spent about an hour (or more) each day coloring in the entry way! ;)

On Friday we went to a friend's birthday pool party! The girls had fun swimming and had some yummy food and cupcakes!

Currently, Meredith does not like boys.  As in any boy that is not a "daddy" or adult she will not go near.  At the party, she would freak out and start screaming when her friends' teenage brothers started swimming near her and she wouldn't throw her trash away when they were sitting near the trashcan.  They didn't do anything to scare her, she has just decided that boys are scary.  I'm okay with this decision and she can feel that way for the next 18-20 yeas! HA!

The last outing we had was a family dinner at Jason's Deli.  Miranda enjoyed sitting in the high chair and playing with her toys...with her feet!
After I took the picture I realized her sippy cup was below her leg and she couldn't get her foot down.  It's one of those chicken or the egg kind of situations - was her leg up because the cup was below it or was the cup below it because her leg was up.  Either way, it was cute!

We only have 6 weeks left of summer!  Why is time flying by so fast! ;)

Friday, July 11, 2014

Army Crawling

Miranda's been army crawling for a few weeks now!  I'm actually thankful she's a little more mobile.  She's also starting to venture more places other than where you put her down so that's cool too!  This morning I left her in her room while I was getting the big girls dressed and making smoothies.  I could hear her crying and noticed that it seemed like she was getting closer to the living room.  Sure enough, she was in the doorway between the bedroom hallway and living room.  She was NOT happy about being left in another room, but at least she knows how to find us!

When I first started saying army crawling, Meredith asked what it meant or why we called it that and this was Mackenzie's response.  "You know Meredith, she uses her arms to crawl.  'Arm'-y crawling."  It sounds like a perfectly good explanation to me! ;)

I pulled out my camera the other day and captured a little bit of her crawling as well as just sitting and playing!
A shoe, paper or remote control can make Miranda move super fast, but on this day, the horse worked just fine! ;)
Almost... it!!
 Now to get her on her hands and knees!
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